The David Lynch Foundation

Fireball is a charity single that we wrote and recorded in memory of our beautiful and talented friend Natalia Strelchenko, who was brutally murdered by her husband. Natalia Strelchenko was not only a friend but also an established concert pianist and will be dearly missed by her friends and family. Such a great loss to music-art history too. We wanted to release this song in memory of our dear friend whilst also helping victims effected by similar crimes.

e have decided to give 100% profit through the sale of Fireball to The David Lynch Foundation.  We like their natural unmedicated approach to help not only the victims of domestic violence but victims of other crimes/circumstances that can lead on to post traumatic stress.

The David Lynch Foundation use Transcendental Meditation to help people.  They believe that for lasting transformation to take place on the outside then change must begin within. Transcendental Meditation, is an evidence-based, alternative therapy shown to heal and empower victims of abuse. READ MORE

Please show your support by donating as much money as you can afford.  In return you will receive our single, Fireball.

You can purchase our single on most platforms but if you want to donate more to our chosen charity please use our BANDCAMP PAGE to purchase the single.